Light wanderer is a adventure plataformer where you can use the light of your lantern as a plataform

Game Created for GameD3v Jam V


Light wanderer é um plataformer de aventura em que você pode usar a luz de sua lanterna como uma plataforma

Diversificador escolhido

  1. 14 - Seu jogo precisa ser minimalista.

Jogo criado para a GameD3v Jam V


Programming: Kiddo#1096(Victor)
Music & Sfx: Jackall#7098

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dark, jumping, Minimalist, Puzzle-Platformer, Shadows


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Light Wanderer For Windows 26 MB
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Light Wanderer For Linux 27 MB

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Jogo muito bom! Adorei o projeto de vocês!

Meus parabéns pela ideia e pela ótima implementação!

Continuem o projeto, por favor! hahaha


Jogo muito bom! Continue trabalhando nele, melhorando a fluidez da escalada, adicionando alguns efeitos sonoros, deixando a música menos repetitiva e dando suporte pra controle, que deve ficar lindão :)

Obrigado pelo feedback, próxima atualização ainda essa semana ;)


i liked the game idea



the only wall-jumping rhythms the game allows (on my system, at least) for the alternating dropping red-orb shaft do not mesh with the red-orb dropping rhythm rendering the shaft impossible to traverse.

I don't think it's impossible but I agree that maybe i had exaggerated(I'm not sure if it was this part that you are referring to,but, the another one is even worse) I'm gonna be updating this game on the weekend with a better difficulty curve

Based on the difference between the speed shown in the gif and the game as I played it, it seems there is a desync between frame-rate and the wall-jump time-frame (if correct, this would make it impossible on anything that can't achieve the intended frame-rate)

Ok i'm gonna check it out, thanks for the feedback


Dude this games is awesome i really like these kind of games that you light your path and mechanics are great so well done :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for playing man ^~^ awesome video, it's nice to receive this kind of feedback, since it was a jam game i didn't have much time for play testing, this kind o video helps me make the game even bette


I'm so happy hearing that i'm so glad you liked it  and thank you so much for watching i really appreciate it :D